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All roofs need to be properly repaired sometime. Because of the nature of things, roof and everything else on earth will perish after time. Water will enter the roof and it will start to rust if not protected well. Timber will start to rot and mould to grow. It not will lead to medical issues for the occupants and have financial consequences.

Description of the condition of the property

This reasonably maintained zinc roof on this property will be easy for the work crew to properly clean and do waterproofing and painting on it.


The zinc roof needed minor repair work on it. Waterproofing needs to be patched up after which it can be properly painted for protection.

Possible outcome

When a roof is left for too long without any maintenance it will beyond repair and replacement of the entire roof be inevitable.


So it’s obvious that minor repairs are needed on this roof. It then can be waterproofing and painted with UV resistant paint.

Work was done

The roof was cleaned of all dust and debris with a high-pressure hose. Care was taken that all loose material was removed from it. Then follow the removing of all redundant waterproofing. Then it was time to seel the roof with fresh waterproofing which will ensure that no water can penetrate the roof. The roof then was painted with quality UV resistant paint.

Roof repairs on a zinc roof
Roof repairs on a zinc roof
Zinc roof repaired, waterproofing and painted
Zinc roof repaired, waterproofing and painted


After the work was completed the roof ensures the occupants with protection against the elements. The material and workmanship is guaranteed by Tremco for 5 years.


This newly repaired, waterproofed and painted roof will now serve its the purpose, a cover against the weather, and also add esthetic value to the property.

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