We specialize in Roof Repair, Waterproofing and Painting  of Tile, Zinc, Flat & Concrete roofs.

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Roof Repairs Pretoria (Gauteng) – Tremco in Pretoria specializes in roof repairs, waterproofing and painting on all types of roofs (zinc roofs, tile roofs, flat roofs and concrete slab roofs). This includes repairing of roofs on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We are based in Pretoria and do roof repairs in all of Pretoria, Pretoria East, Midrand, Centurion and also Johannesburg and other areas in and close to Gauteng.

We also do waterproofing and painting of exterior walls.

Waterproofing of balconies, basements and showers need to be undertaken frequently.

Waterproofing of concrete roofs is one of our specialities.

Tremco does Roof Repairs, Waterproofing and Painting on all types of roofs:

  • tile roofs
  • zinc roofs
  • flat roofs
  • concrete roofs
  • Harvey roofs
  • metal roofs
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Tremco Services
Pretoria Roof Repairs , Waterproofing & Painting

Tremco is a well-established roof repairs company based in Pretoria Gauteng (South Africa) with over 30 years experience. We specialize in roof repairs, roof waterproofing, roof painting and any other paint contracting services.

Roof Repairs

We are experts in fixing roofs and replacing roofs. This includes tile roofs, flat roofs, zinc roofs, concrete roofs and any other type of roof. Do not wait for the rainy season or for  damages to your roof to escalate. Rather get  Tremco, a professional roof contracting company to do the necessary inspection and you can have peace of mind that your roof repairs is done by the best roofing company in Gauteng.

Roof Waterproofing

Tremco specializes in waterproofing and detecting and fixing leaks on all kinds of roofs. Leaks on the roofs need an expert to be fixed properly and lastingly. Water damage to roofs and ceilings can cost a lot afterwards to be repaired and can cause damages to the roofing structure and ceilings and interior walls if not attended to by an expert.

Roof Painting & Paint Contracting Services

Roofs need to be painted properly with a good quality paint, to protect and seal the surfaces of the different types of roofs against the elements. It looks more appealing to have a house where the roof had been properly painted. If the roof surfaces are not properly prepared by a roof painting expert, the work done will not last and if any repairs to the roof or sealing needs to be done, any roofing expert will advise you to rather get that fixed first. Contact Tremco and have your roof painting and other general paint contracting work done by a professional from the start..

Tremco are experts in roof repairs, roof waterproofing and roof painting.

If you need to have your roof fixed, Tremco in Gauteng (South Africa) is a roofing company that are experts  in roof repairs, roof waterproofing and roof painting.  We do not only fix your roof, but also offer you expert and professional advice. A leaking roof or a roof that is not regularly inspected can cause huge damages, not only to your roof and roof structures, but also cause damping problems to your walls. If defaults and roof leaks are detected early, by  allowing us to inspect your roof regularly, it can save you a lot of money and heartache and can even prevent the need to eventually have your whole roof replaced.

We are not only experts in fixing and sealing leaking roofs, but we can also solve your damp problems with balconies. basements and showers. It is frequently found that damp forms on balconies after rain. This causes damage to the structure and will also cost you a lot to rectify afterwards.

Showers are used daily and if not properly sealed the remaining moisture will cause mold to grow. The growing mold will cause medical conditions that will need medical attention.

Painting interior and exterior walls: We have been in the industry for over 30 years with an excellent track and service record. 

Please click on our individual services links below to give you detailed information on what we do.

Experts in the following Roofing and other related services…

1. replacing of existing zinc roof
2. repairing of zinc roof
3. waterproofing and painting
of zinc roofs

4. repairing of box gutters
5. repair tile roofs
6. waterproofing and painting of tile roofs
7. concrete roofs
8. balconies/showers
9. damp proofing of external and internal walls

Roof Maintenance & Roof Repairs in Pretoria - 5 year guarantee

It is not a good idea to wait for the rainy season to do roof maintenance and roof repairs. Pretoria has a rainy season during the summer and heavy rains, strong winds and thunderstorms can be expected during this time. Inspection of your roof must be an ongoing process and should be done well in advance. It will help to avoid costly roof repairs later.

Tremco Roof Repairs Pretoria will arrange for maintenance inspectors to periodically inspect your roof. This will ensure the roof is up to specification. Avoiding problems to escalate will assure the longevity of your roofing structure.

Tremco Roof Repairs Pretoria, an extremely respectable company with an excellent track record with client referrals, specializes in the preparation, waterproofing and painting of all roofs. We not only bring high-grade quality in material and skill to your roof but also thirty years experience.

We strive to build long time relationships with our customers. We do not believe in short term solutions cause we do it right the first time. A consultant will always give you the best realistic advice in repair, replacement and waterproofing of all zinc, tile, slate, or concrete roofs.

The maintenance will be part of a procedure where we apply a protection layer of liquid flexi bond and a coating of waterproofing. After the procedure Tremco gives a five-year guarantee on all work done which includes labour and material, no questions asked.

An extendable guarantee is available after the initial five-year guarantee period has expired. Roof maintenance will then be part of a procedure where we apply a protection layer of liquid flexi bond on top of the existent waterproofing material as well as a re-coating of waterproofing.

The client will be re-issued with an extended five-year guarantee after this process has been completed. This is an ongoing procedure where a client gets the maintenance done every 5 years. We recommend that once you have done your up keep/roof reparation on your roof that you bring this under the attention of your insurer.

Tremco Roof Repairs Pretoria offers seasonal repairs where we clean gutters and do general repairs where necessary. During the seasonal maintenance your roof will be thoroughly inspected for any defaults and reported back to you.

Tremco is
100% trustworthy

Tremco Roofing Company in Pretoria South Africa - Logo

Tremco is a well-established and highly trustworthy South African roof repairs company in Pretoria and Johannesburg (Gauteng and other nearby areas). The workforce is highly experienced specialised artisans that undergo constant courses on their trade as well as safety procedures. Tools and safety equipment used are maintained regularly.

The expert teams are supervised by highly competent craftsmen with many years of experience. They oversee the work being done properly and safely.

Materials used are the latest and best obtainable for the job. All work done on your property is guaranteed for a full 5 years with an extended guarantee is available after the 5 years.

Tremco - Roofing Services & Blog

1. Replacing of Existing Roof

Existing roofs need to be replaced when corrosion occurred. The roof does not meet the requirements and no longer serves its purpose. Corrosion is caused when the metal on zinc roofs get exposed to all external elements, due to irregular roof maintenance. If left too long or without the correct treatment this will result in the failure of your roof’s function and the replacing the zinc roof will be inaudible.

Durafoil laid before replacing zinc sheets.
Complete Zinc Roof Replacement
Roof repairs on zinc roof, one side completely redone.
Roof repairs on zinc roof, waterproofed and painted.

2. Repairing Zinc Roof

When the structure of your roof is questionable it’s best to have it looked over by a professional roofer. The structure needs to be repaired prior to waterproofing or painting application. Replacing damaged timber and nails is of utmost importance for that gives you strength of your roof.

Repairing Zinc Roof Structure - Stage 1
Repairing Zinc Roof Structure - Stage 2
Repairing Zinc Roof Structure - Stage 3
Fully Repaired Zinc Roof

3. Waterproofing and Painting of Zinc Roof & Corrosion Treatment

Immediate action needs to be taken when surface rust on your metal roof (IBR or Corrugated) is detected. This will consist of: Mechanical removal of surface rust, chemical treatment, the correct primers, waterproofing and painting procedures are a applied to prevent corrosion spreading any further.

Zinc Roof Sealing and Corrosion Treatment
Painting of zinc roof performed by highly skilled experts
Zinc Roof – work in Progress
Zinc Roof Corrosion Treatment, Damproofing and Painting Completed

4. Repairing of Box Gutters on your Zinc or Metal Roof

Box gutters are in use where the building has a flat roof(normally metal) with wall higher than the roof. A gutter, a box gutter, is the placed behind the wall to accommodate water flow. There are two major problems on box gutters: the box gutter is too small or the water is not flowing away due to blockages and this causes corrosion which leads to leaks.

Repairing of a Box Gutter- Zinc Roof Gutter Sealing and Treatment against Corrosion
Zinc Roof Gutter – Work in Progress
Zinc Roof Box Gutter – Waterproofing and Painting Completed
Zinc Roof and Gutter – completed project

5. Repairing Tile Roofs

It happens from time to time  that the tiles on your roof starts sagging because of rafters. On the other hand tiles needs to be replaced because of cracks. Best to have it done by professionals because of these roofs tending to be high or they have a high pitch.

Nailing buttons on gables also need to be replaced prior to replacing the damaged fascia boards. It is vital to check that there are no broken brandering.

Tile Roof – before brandering is replaced
Repairing Tile Roofs – brandering replaced
Flashing on tile roof that needs attention
Tile Roof – Reparartion needed

6. Waterproofing and Painting of Tile Roof

The most common areas to look at on leaking roofs are: valleys, hips, ridges and flashing. Replacing eroded cement, professional repairs and correctly applied waterproofing will eliminate the leaks. 

Older tiles absorb water which requires correct cleaning to eliminate the fungus growth, treatment and correct waterproof application.

Ridge and Valley waterproofed - Tile Roof
Waterproofing and Painting of Tile Roof - Ridge and Valley waterproofed and painted
Chimney flashing waterproofing
Waterproofing and Painting - completed project - tile roof

7. Concrete Roof - Waterproofing & Painting done properly!

Concrete roofs absorb water like a sponge, therefore the surface needs to be waterproofed and regular maintenance is a necessity. It is found that rubber mats which are applied to concrete slabs do weather a lot and forms cracks which lets water penetrate. It’s recommended to have the waterproofing material checked and prevention measures put in place.

Concrete Roof – Sealing and Painting in Progress
Concrete Slab Roof – Before Repairs
Concrete Roof – Repairs, Waterproofing and Painting Completed
Concrete Roof – with an Aesthetic look and feel after Completion of the Project.

8. Waterproofing Roofs, Balconies & Showers by Experienced Contractors

 Tremco’s roofing contractors are not only experts in fixing and  waterproofing  leaking roofs,  we also solve damping problems on balconies. Before tiling either a balcony or shower, the correct waterproofing needs to be applied. If not done this will result in damp problems and costly repairs.

Balcony Waterproofed and painted
Balcony Project 2
Balcony Project 3
Balcony Project 4

9. Roof Painting, Damp Proofing and Painting of Internal and External Walls

Tremco specializes in painting of roofs and painting of internal and external walls. As experienced painting contractors in Pretoria and surrounding areas, we guarantee high quality workmanship and only use the best material available on the market, with a guarantee.  Roofs need to be treated properly before being painted and there are different types of damp problems that may occur. Water can seep in through a damaged roof, water can rise up in a wall from ground water and then there is normal rain water from the atmosphere. It’s important to identify the correct cause of the problem. For painting of roofs and any other surface, preparation is the key secret to a successful and durable painted property.

Painting Exterior Walls Project 1
Painting Exterior Walls Project 2
Painting Project 3
Painting Project 4

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Tremco in Pretoria does Roof Repairs, Roof Waterproofing, Roof Painting and Paint Contracting work as a professional roofing and painting contractor, with more than 30 years experience. We are fixing roofs, replacing roofs, doing roof waterproofing, leak detection, sealing of leaking roofs, damp proofing and painting of roofs. Areas covered include Pretoria Central, Pretoria East, Pretoria West, Acacia, Moot, Soshanguve, Hartbeespoort, Centurion, Midrand and Johannesburg.

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