Replacing of Existing Roof.

Corrosion is caused when the metal on zinc roofs get exposed to all external elements, due to irregular  roof maintenance. If left too long or without the correct treatment this will result in replacing the zinc roof. 

Repairing Zinc Roof.

The structure needs to be repaired prior to waterproofing or painting application. Replacing damaged timber and nails is of utmost importance.

Waterproofing and Painting of Zinc Roof.

Immediate action needs to be taken when surface rust on your metal roof (IBR/Corrugated) is detected. This will consist of:  Mechanical removal of surface rust, chemical treatment, the correct primers, waterproofing and painting procedures are a applied to prevent corrosion spreading any further.

Repairing to Box Gutters.

There are two major problems on box gutters: the box gutter is too small or the water is not flowing away and this causes corrosion which leads to leaks.

Repairing Tile Roofs.

Nailing buttons on gables need to be replaced prior to replacing the damaged fascia boards. It is vital to check that there are no broken brandering.

Waterproofing and Painting of Tile Roof.

 The most common areas to look at on leaking roofs are: valleys, hips, ridges and flashing. Replacing eroded cement, professional repairs and correctly applied waterproofing will eliminate the leaks. Older tiles absorb water which requires correct cleaning to eliminate the fungus growth, treatment and correct waterproof application. 

Concrete Roof .

Concrete roofs absorb water like a sponge, therefore the surface needs to be waterproofed and regular maintenance is a necessity

Balconies / Showers.

Before tiling either a balcony or shower, the correct waterproofing needs to be applied. If not done this will result in damp problems and costly repairs.

Damp Proofing and Painting of Internal and External Walls.

There are different types of damp problems that may occur. Identify the correct cause of the problem. Therefore preparation is the key secret to a successful and durable painted project.

Roof Repairs

Doing Roof Repairs on your property frequently is very important. Keeping your roof in good condition should be a vital factor for the maintenance schedule on any business property and home. Your assets will degenerate, decrease in its value, when not looked after properly. If a roof is leaking, roof insulation not done right or damaged, crack and broken roof tiles, will lead to further bigger problems later.

Damp and rotten timber causes structural damage and unsightly water marks. This will occur when your roof is not kept in perfect condition and can be prevented easily. Detect Roof Repairs problems early and avoid costly repairs later. Arranging a regular inspection of your roof. Tremco offers professional roof repairs in the Pretoria area. Repairs are done by Tremco to broken roofs, roof tiles, slate roofs, flat roofs, balconies, concrete roofs and pitched roofs cost effectively. Repairs are done without the hassle of replacing the installation entirely.

Experts will detect leaks and problematical areas before it gets out of hand and prevents bigger issues later. Tremco will save you money in the long term. Tremco focuses on cutting down on maintenance and repair costs by preventing a problem before it occurs.

Roof maintenance

Roofs must be maintained regularly because it is very expensive to be replaced after damage. Maintainance must be undertaken by highly competent specialised craftsmen. Craftsmen that know precisely what they are doing and using superior materials, the best available for the job.

Tremco will easily restore your damaged and unattractive looking roof. This will be done without actually replacing your roof in its entirety. Using proven methods and top quality materials, Tremco will renovate your roof to be as good as new in no time saving you at the expense of construction of a complete new roof. Tremco repairs and renovates any type of roof. After a complete repair, your roof will look like new again.

Tremco offers reputable Roof Repairs Services  in Pretoria and surrounding areas. The company is an expert in identifying problematic areas on your roof before it poses a bigger problem.

Prevent further damage to your roof by arranging an inspection of your roof by one of Tremco’s consultants. It will help to detect problems early and you will escape expensive repairs later. When you have broken or cracked tiles, rusted screws and bolts a regular and ongoing inspection and maintenance of your roof will prevent expensive repairs later.

Tremco renovates any type or roof no matter what type of roof it is. Your old, damaged and unsightly looking roof will easily be restored to new without physically replacing the roof. The best methods and Tremco’s specially manufactured materials is used.

Tremco Roof Repairs Services Pretoria is a well-established company offering reputable Roof Repairs Services in Pretoria. Tremco provide a first class roof repair services on residential, commercial and industrial property throughout Pretoria and surrounding areas.


Roof Repairs

Tremco, a reputable roof repairs company with experience in excess of forty years, will do Roof Repairs on broken, flat , corrugated , tiled , slate , IBR , Harvey tile , balconies, concrete  and pitched roofs without the bother and expense of replacing the roof. We also do all types of guttering work. Tremco’s professional roofing craftsmen do professional roof maintenance.

Tremco provide the following services:

  • Roof Repairs Services on the following; Corrugated Zinc, IBR Zinc Roofs and Flat Roofs. All roofs are primed by covering with sealant and then painted.
  • Roof Repairs Services on; Cement Tile, Slate Tiles, Harvey Tile and Concrete Roofs. Roof primed by covering with sealant and then painted.
  • Tremco do removing of redundant rubberising from Concrete Slab Surfaces. Roof Repairs preparation and waterproofing of Concrete Slabs. Concrete slab roofs are primed by covering with sealant and then painted.
  • The materials used are of high quality and staffs are skilled craftsmen and are full time supervised by master craftsman. Therefore there is a 5 year guarantee given with extended guarantee available after the 5 years.

Tremco’s expert teams are supervised by highly competent artisans with a lot of experience. They oversee the job being done properly and safely. The materials used are the newest and greatest available for the work as well as tested for South African conditions.

Quotations for Pretoria and surrounding areas are free.


Tremco is a reputable waterproofing service contractor who does waterproofing on house roofs including flat roofs, slabs, pitched roofs, balconies, skylights, parapet walls, side-walls, chimneys and chimney flashing, leaking chimneys, plumbing vent pipes, dome skylights, plumbing inspection covers, tiled roofs, roof ridging, IBR roofs, corrugated roofs and box gutters. (Read more)

Interior and Exterior Painting

Paint is a coating with pigment included, covering an object or surface to shield, protect and add color for aesthetic reasons as well as add functionality. (Read more)

5-year guarantee

Tremco aims to please with an excellent service record and very pleased customers as well as a 5-year guarantee with an extended guaranty available after the 5 years.

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