Replacing of Existing Zinc Roof.


The most common reason for having to completely replacing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) will be because it’s beyond repair. This happens after years of neglect where the owner did not do proper maintenance (roof repairs) on his property.

What will happen is that the roof screws will start loosening up, letting in moisture. Moisture will cause beams to rot. Rotted beams lose their strength and the roof will collapse. This will be a huge financial and medical expense when the roof lands on top of the occupants.

Furthermore, the zinc sheeting will rust to the point that they can not be salvaged. Corrosion is caused when the metal on zinc roofs get exposed to all external elements, due to irregular or no roof maintenance (roof repairs). If left too long or without the correct treatment this will result in replacing of existing zinc roof(roof repairs). At this stage, roof timber may have weakened to the point that even they may have to be replaced entirely. As a result, the roof will have to be completely replacing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs).

The roof must be removed in its entirety and replaced with a new one. This means that ceiling boards need to be replaced as well. As a matter of fact, this might also mean the rewiring of the property.

Luckily this is not always the case. Assessing the condition of the roof timber it may only be necessary to strengthen rafters and beams. This is done either by fixing new timber to the damaged parts or replace it. It is mostly the case because, in addition to replacing all timber, one will have to replace ceiling boards as well as electrical wiring which is normally housed in the roof. Only a qualified electrician is permitted to work on electrical wiring and it’s costly to have it done.

One must appreciate what needs to be taken in to account in the event of the replacing of existing zinc roof  (roof repairs). This will be the following, (1) assess the extent of the damage, (2) see what can be salvaged or reused, (3) estimate cost of repair (roof repairs) and (4) determine how long will it take.

Asses the extend of the damage.

Assessing the damage on the roof correctly is crucial to the repairs or replacement of the roof. First the visual assessment. Is the roof sagging or showing other flaws as well as checking for loose roof screws. Roof screws being loose and sagging of the roof is an indication that the roof timber is damaged or rotten. In other words, the roof structure is compromised and does not serve its purpose any more. Together with this one needs to assess the roof sheeting to see the damage is of such a nature for them to be replaced as well.

See what can be salvaged or reused.

Climbing inside the roof and inspecting the inside of the roof will give an indication of which of the roof timber can be repaired and which must be replaced. A well trained and experienced consultant is able to do a proper assessment on the roof timber. Inside the roof, the consultant checks each and every piece of roof timber for damage. Making notes on which timber is to be replaced (replacing of existing zinc roof)  and which needs to be strengthened, will help to do a cost assessment and help the craftsman to a proper job.

Estimate the cost of the repair.

By now the consultant is able to do a calculation for the replacing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs). It’s now possible to know which roof timber must be replaced and which can be strengthened. Together with this, a calculation of the number of roof sheeting necessary is also possible.

Determine how long will it take.

With all this knowledge intact it is also possible to calculate the time it will tack for the completion of the task at hand. There is always a chance that nature will play a role. Something like rain will always prolong the procedure.

As soon as the owner gives the rite away date for the replacing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) can be scheduled.


The planning of the replacing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) is necessary. Access to the property and accessibility of materials in order to do the replacing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) is crucial. It needs to be planed properly so that the task is swiftly and correctly.

Starting to replacement of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) begins by planning the task before it commences. (See the previous paragraph) Firstly removing roof sheeting in the areas where the roof timber are affected and where roof screws are loose. Remove affected roof sheets that are too rusted to be left on the roof to be used again. By doing so, rotten and damaged roof timber can be strengthened or replaced. It also gives the craftsman the opportunity to inspect previously unidentified roof timber that may also be damaged. These timbers could then also be replaced if deemed necessary or on the other hand, be strengthened.

After the proper strengthening of the roof structure, new roof sheeting can be attached. By this time all roof sheets that need to be replaced would have been removed including sheets not previously identified. The new roof sheets are now properly attached to the roof structure with roof screws.

Waterproofing will be applied where necessary. This will be where the chimney if there is one, meats the roof and other areas where the roof ends against a wall (flashing). It will also include any plumbers openings on the roof such as vent pipes. It ensures that moisture is kept out of the roof therefore preventing the rotting of roof timber in the future.

Now the roof can be prepared for painting. The preparation will include rust block on old roofing sheets as well as a coat of bonding liquid on the entire roof. This will help the paint to adhere to the roof sheets, old and new.

Tremco trading’s labour teams are highly skilled people and all permanent employees at the company. No one will be picked up off the street as a day labourer.

The company will issue a 5-year guarantee for the work done on the roof which can be extended if so wish.

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