Repairing existing zinc roof

Maintenance on your roof must be done regularly by repairing existing zinc roof (roof repairs). Just like all things on earth, it will deteriorate if not looked after. After it is found that roof timber doesn’t support the roof sheeting properly, the timber may need to strengthen. Roof screws need to be replaced when found to be loos. When repairs on existing zinc roof are undertaken, making sure it complies to standards. A complete replacement of your zinc roof will be costly. The roof may collapse on occupants and will cost you a lot to replace.

Regular maintenance on your zinc roof (repairing existing zinc roof, roof repairs) will prevent roof screws to become loose, timber to rot and roof sheeting to rust. Repairing the existing zinc roof on a regular basis will prevent the roof from deteriorating and then having to replace it totally.

Maintenance on the zinc roof (repairing existing zinc roof, roof repairs) will involve properly checking for any flaws to be repaired. After repairing the zinc roof it will have to be waterproofed and painted with high-quality UV protective paint.

Zinc roof repair


Steps need to be taken in the preparation for repairing the existing zinc roof (roof repairs). These steps will be as follows: (1) assess the state of the zinc roof, (2) establish what repairs are needed, (3) calculate the expense of repairs and (4) decide the duration of the repair work.

Assess the state of the zinc roof.

In order to repair the roof (repairing existing zinc roof, roof repairs), it is crucial to assess the state of the zinc roof correctly. A visual assessment will show shortcoming on the roof. Is the roof sagging or showing other flaws and then checking for loose roof screws. This is an indication of rotten timber. It means that the roof structure is compromised, it doesn’t serve its purpose. The inspector also needs to assess the roof sheeting. make sure the roof sheets are good enough to be reused.

Calculate the expense of repairs.

A well trained and experienced consultant is able to do a proper assessment on the roof timber. Climbing inside the roof to inspect it on the inside. Inspecting the inside of the roof will show which of the roof timber must be repaired (repairing existing zinc roof, roof repairs). While inside the roof, the roof timber is checked for damage and making notes on which timber needs to be strengthened. This will help to do a cost assessment and help the craftsman to do a proper job.

Decide the duration of the repair work.

It’s now possible to know which roof timber must be strengthened. The consultant is able to do a calculation for the repairing of existing zinc roof. All this taken into account, it’s possible to do a calculation of the repairing (roof repairs) job.

Determine how long it will take.

The duration of the repairing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) can now be determined. Of course, nature will play a role here. Rain may hinder the repair of the zinc roof. Something like rain will always prolong the procedure.

With the owner’s rite away date for the repairing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) can be established.

Repairing of Existing Zinc Roof


Planning of repairing existing zinc roof (roof repairs) on a residential building is crucial. Access to the property as well as the accessibility of materials in order to do the repairing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) must be planned carefully. In order for the task to be executed swiftly and correctly, it needs to be planned properly.

Before commencing with the repairing of existing zinc roof (roof repairs) the task needs to be planned ahead of time. (See the previous paragraph) Removing roof sheeting in the areas where the roof timber must be strengthened. Then rotten and damaged roof timber can be strengthened where necessary. Previously unidentified roof timber that may also be damaged will be strengthened as well. This brings the roof up to standard.

With the roof timber repaired (repairing existing zinc roof, roof repairs), roof sheeting can be attached using new roof screws. If necessary new roof sheets can be attached to the roof structure also using new roof screws.

Apply to waterproof where necessary. It is where the chimney if there is one, meats the roof as well as areas where the roof meets a wall (flashing). This will apply to plumbers openings on the roof like vent pipes. This way moisture does not enter the roof. It prevents rotting of roof timber when the roof inside is kept dry.

Prepared for painting by applying a rust block on bare roofing sheets, especially where the zinc coating is stripped away. A coat of bonding liquid will now be applied on the entire roof. This way the paint will adhere to the roof sheets.

Tremco trading boasts a highly skilled labour force. These men are all permanent employees at the company. The labourer will not be picked up off the street as day labourers.

For the work done on the roof, Tremco trading will issue a 5-year guarantee certificate and this can be extended after the initial 5-years.


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