Tile roof repairs – Harvey tile roof in Centurion


A roof forms an important part of a property. Unless well taken care of it will deteriorate and fail. Replacing a roof has huge financial consequences and you might not be in the position to do so.


It’s a matter of fact that roof structures deteriorate over time. Wood eating bugs make a feast of the timber and then the rotting of wood is also possible. When the consultant entered the roof there was found that there was quite some damage to the roof structure.


The roof structure is compromised because of the weakening of the timber. Tiles are beginning to bulge which means that openings between them started to occur. Water will enter the roof and cause unnecessary damage.

Roof repairs broken timber
Broken timber  needs to be replaced

Possible outcome

Water entry to the roof will result in the rotting of the structure and the forming of mould. Left in this situation will lead to the replacement of it in its entirety later on. The forming of mould, on the other hand, has medical consequences. Both these cases will be costly to rectify.

Suggestion to remedy the situation

Open up the roof by removing the tiles where the structure needs to be worked on. Replace or strengthen the roof structure by attaching new timber to the damaged structure. Replace the Harvey tiles and attach them properly. Make sure waterproofing is correctly done and then paint the roof.

Decision with customer/owner

An agreement was reached whereby the suggested repairs could be carried out.

Work undertaken

The roof surface is cleaned of all dust and debris with a high-pressure hose.
The roof tiles are removed to get to the defective roof structure.
The defective truss timber is strengthened and defective roof batten replaced.
Tile roof repairs - broken timber
Broken roof batten replaced
Attach the Harvey tiles back onto the roof.
Tile roof repairs
Sail covering to protect against the weather
Waterproof is done on ridges, valleys, plumbers vents and where each tile joints
Waterproofing tile roof
Valley waterproofed
Waterproofing tile roof
Tile roof waterproofed
Painting of the waterproofed roof is done with UV resistant paint.


The repaired structure is strengthened, waterproofed and has a new coat of paint as well. The property not only looks good but also meets its purpose, a shelter against the weather.


With the much-needed repairs completed the property is well protected against the weather. The occupant can feel safe.
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