Roof Repairs, Waterproofing and Painting

Roof Repairs

Tremco does Roof Repairs on a private, commercial as well as industrial property. These assets will deteriorate and lose value if not properly looked after by a professional roof repairs contractor like Tremco. It’s a well-known fact that roofs need to be renovated frequently. For renovation on roofs, you need Roof Repairs done professionally, by Tremco, with top-quality products. (read more)

roof repairs
Replace rafters on zinc roof
roof repairs
Timber (rafters) repair Completed
roof repairs
Zinc roof repaired and painted


It’s necessary to do waterproofing on private, commercial as well as industrial roofs. These assets will deteriorate plus lose value if not looked after. It’s a well-known fact that property of all kinds needs to be renovated frequently. For this, you need the expert help of a provisional waterproofing company. (read more)

roof repairs
The waterproofing process on Tile Roofs
roof repairs
Waterproofing completed on Tile Roofs

Painting (Interior and Exterior Painting).

A coating with pigment included, covering an object or surface to shield, protect and add colour for aesthetic reasons as well as add functionality is called paint. Tremco paint roofs, houses, factories offering a professional together with efficient service. The key to a successful paint job is in the preparation of surface cracks and flaking paint. Tremco takes great care when doing so.

As part of the preparation, waterproof is done on lower walls, window frame ledges, corbels, coping, plumbing inspection areas and feature walls as well as the treating of under eave timber and wooden window frames, wooden door frames and wooden garage doors.

Tremco takes on painting jobs of large buildings and roofs like factories and factory roof’s, schools and school roofs, churches and church roofs, warehouses and warehouse roofs, automotive dealership roofs, hospitals and hospital roofs as well as the likes. Teams are highly capable in their field also overseen at all times by a master tradesman. Safety is a priority where all personnel must wear safety equipment also work safely.

Zinc Roof Repainted, Waterproofed and Painted - roof repairs
Zinc Roof Repainted, Waterproofed and Painted
Tile Roof Waterproofed and Painted - roof repairs
Tile Roof Waterproofed and Painted

Tremco aims to please with an excellent service record and very pleased customers as well as a 5-year guarantee with an extended guaranty available after the 5 years.

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Roof Repairs and Waterproofing on private, commercial and industrial property or it will deteriorate. Roof repairs and Waterproofing work on any property all over Pretoria and Centurion.

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